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102 Sweater Twin Set $21.00
103 Button Front Blouse PDF $12.00
104R Shapely Shirt $21.00
108 Yoked Blouse $21.00
150 Tuxedo Wrap Vest $21.00
151 Tunic Length Vest $21.00
152 Shapely Zip Front Vest PDF $12.00
201 Zip Front Jacket $21.00
202 Princess Seamed Blazer $21.00
203 Wrap Jacket & Blouse $21.00
204 Jeans Jacket $21.00
250 Swing Coat $21.00
251 Walking Jacket $21.00
302 Princess Seamed Dress $21.00
303 All Season Dress $21.00
304 Easy Wrap Dress & Top $21.00
401 Nightgown and Pyjamas $21.00
501 Straight Skirts $21.00
502 Flared Skirts PDF $12.00
504 Bias Skirt with Flounce $21.00
601 Flat Front Pant $21.00
603 Tapered Pull-On Pant $21.00
604 Capri Pant $21.00
605 Jeans $21.00
651 Walking Skort $21.00
101 Short Sleeve Shell PDF $12.00
301 Easy Dress PDF $12.00
106 Shapely Blouse PDF $15.00
505 Flirty Skirt PDF $12.00
Books & Videos
Out of Print (Coming Soon in .PDF) price varies
Constructing the Princess Seamed Blazer $29.95
Pattern Extenders
Fast Fake Collar   FREE DOWNLOAD
One Piece Short Sleeve   FREE DOWNLOAD
Create an Evening Topper   FREE DOWNLOAD
Create an Evening Dress   FREE DOWNLOAD
Narrowing Pants Legs   FREE DOWNLOAD
The Frilled Collar   FREE DOWNLOAD
The Convertible Collar   FREE DOWNLOAD
The Frilly Sleeve   FREE DOWNLOAD
Fast Fake Cuff   FREE DOWNLOAD
Add Buttons to the Zip Front Vest   FREE DOWNLOAD
Shift Style Dress   FREE DOWNLOAD
Modify #103 Button Front Blouse for a Full Abdomen or Maternity Wear   FREE DOWNLOAD
Lengthening a Short Sleeve   FREE DOWNLOAD
Change Sleepwear to Beachwear   FREE DOWNLOAD
Custom Fit Solutions
Full Bust Adjustment Using Under Bust Dart   FREE DOWNLOAD
Broad or Narrow Shoulders   FREE DOWNLOAD
Large Upper Arms   FREE DOWNLOAD
To Enlarge for a Fuller Bust on a Princess Seam   FREE DOWNLOAD
Raising or Lowering the Bust Point on a Princess Seam   FREE DOWNLOAD
To Reduce for a Smaller Bust on a Princess Seam   FREE DOWNLOAD
Round Shoulders and Full Upper Back   FREE DOWNLOAD
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